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Marathon Metallic Embroidery Thread 1000m 37 colors

100% Metallic Marathon Embroidery Thread

JUST RECEIVED IN OUR WAREHOUSE ==> 12 NEW METALLIC COLOURS. Please see the shade card (click here) to see the new colors.

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37 stunning colors of Marathon metallic threads are offered in 1,000 meters. (1,100 yds.) mini-king spools as well as in 4,000 meters (4,400 yd.) & 5,000 meters. (5,500 yds.) cones to add a special touch to your embroidery. Please see the 5000 meter cones page for a complete list of colours available in the larger cone size.

When embroidering with metallic threads, we recommend that you:

  • use a size 90 /14 needle
  • reduce the stitches per minute (slow your machine down).
  • Tip from Linda: wind your bobbin with the matching metallic thread, let the bobbin relax overnight and then you won't have tension issues when embroidering.

Marathon embroidery threads are manufactured with premium raw materials and dyes made with the best colouring chemicals. This means color consistency across different dye lots is ensured and the reliability of the thread is guaranteed. Marathon is a proven brand name worldwide. Dong-Il Industrial Company, the manufacturer of Marathon Embroidery threads has received the following designations:

Confidence in Textiles - Tested for Harmful Substances KSA Certification

(ISO 9001/QS-9001/TL 9001)

How to find the start of the thread on the spool:
If you are having trouble finding the beginning of your Marathon embroidery thread, please view this pdf document How to find the start of the spool also watch this video.