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Brother AIRFLOW 3000 Serger


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The Brother AIRFLOW 3000 serger has a wide array of advanced features that will help give your creations a professional finishing touch. Its jet-air threading technology uses a blast of air to effortlessly send threads through the loopers with the press of a button making changing thread colours a breeze. Plus, say goodbye to lint buildup, as the threads are constantly moved through tubes by the jet-air technology, fluff and lint are kept to a minimum so they won't build up and clog the tubes. Ideal for challenging materials like fine knits and stretchy fabrics, the AIRFLOW 3000 can achieve impressive finishing touches with flatlock, overlock, and rolled hem stitches on most specialty fabrics. It's outfitted with a safety sensor and an error LED light that will prevent the machine from starting either when the fabric cover or front cover is open or if the presser foot is raised. Enjoy working on a brightly lit work area thanks to high-quality LED lighting that’s easy on the eyes especially when sewing on dark fabrics. For added convenience, it includes a pair of quick-change levers for the rolled hemstitch feature, and a switch that will activate and deactivate the cutting knife before the edge is wrapped with thread. And for outstanding stitch quality, the differential feed ratio (0.7 mm to 2.0 mm) delivers fantastic results and acts as the tool for custom lettuce edge ?nishes on specialty materials. With a variety of specialty feet and included accessories like a trim trap, gathering foot, blind stitch foot and a piping foot, there's really nothing else you need to bring your projects to life

To learn more about the 'Brother AIRFLOW 3000 Serger', download the brochure here.


  • Jet-air threading technology threads needles effortlessly
  • Excellent stitch quality even on challenging materials
  • Safety sensor and error LED stops machine use when needed
  • Quick-change levers and a switch facilitate use of functions
  • Fast speeds of 1,300 spm and moderate noise level.
  • Differential feed ratio delivers high stitch quality
  • Enjoy a bright LED-lit work area
  • Lots of included accessories