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My Mother Made a Quilt by Deborah Zabloski

A life is made of everyday moments as well as significant events. Each of these moments is like a piece of a quilt, stitched together to make a beautiful whole.

In this story, a mother collects pieces of fabric from the clothes her daughter wears at milestone moments and lovingly handcrafts a quilt that represents the love between a mother and daughter as it unfolds over the years. A baptismal gown, play clothes, a school uniform, a graduation dress, and other pieces all have their place in the quilt, and each one evokes precious memories of a journey from infancy to adulthood. It's a keepsake that includes a lifetime of precious moments.

My Mother Made a Quilt is a tale told in pictures and words. May it inspire quilters, chroniclers of family legacies, and parents looking for a creative way to encapsulate the growth of a beloved child.