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As well as Giroux Sewing Centre's Classes and Workshop, join Monique from Apple Hill Quilting in our classroom
Monique is now in our space and is offering quilting, sewing and embroidery classes and clubs.
Please follow the link below to find her website and FACEBOOK Page for more information.

Thank you for your patience while we (Giroux's and Apple Hill Quilting) try to provide more classes for everyone's needs!


Intro to sewing 1

This adult Intro To Sewing class is an 8-week program; a simple pajama pattern with a pullover top (no knits) will teach you the basics of sewing, and the tools you will need to get you sewing confidently on your own. You will learn to take simple measurements and read a simple pattern.

Social Sew & Sew

Enjoy the uninterrupted sewing space, the benefit of being with like-minded people, and share your experiences and knowledge!

KIDS CLUB - Night Shirt/Gowned

In this workshop, teens will learn how to sew up their own night shirt/gowned. they will learn the confidence and joy of sewing.

Dec 8
Intro to sewing 1
Dec 9
Social Sew & Sew
Dec 10
Julie's Project Club


Quilting Workshops

Every second Saturday of every month, from September to June, you will learn about different projects every month. Work on your sewing skills, become familiar with sewing machine features and learn more about all the different presser feet available for sewing machines.

Cost: $ 35.00